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Alva II Highlighter Palette


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Älva II HIGHLIGHTER PALETTE is our second face highlighter palette. It maintains our traditional 4-color highlighter layout. The theme of the product is the natural elemental spirits in Norse mythology. The four elemental spirits are named after Salamander, which represents the fire element, Undiene, which represents the water element, Gnome, which represents the earth element, and Sylphs, which represents the wind spirit and the air element.

For the overall color scheme, we chose a very dreamy aqua blue as the main color for the packaging. We also added a butterfly element as an accent decoration, symbolizing the mysterious butterfly free spirit that is nature itself. A three-dimensional process of craftsmanship is used to suppress the silver butterfly pattern onto the highlighter.

As our previous highlighter palette, the main ingredient we choose to use is mineral mica instead of talc. This makes the highlighter powders more suitable for the skin. Our raw materials are from Chinese established suppliers that are able to provide us with ethically mined and safe, high quality ingredients. All of our powder products are fragrance-free, which guarantees to reduce the irritation factor to the eye and facial skin areas.


Älva highlighter palette contains a special diamond flash highlighter, a water gloss highlighter, a metallic highlighter and a duochrome highlighter.

Salamander: special diamond glitter highlighter with pink diamond glitter, golden diamond glitter and silver diamond glitter.

Undiene: light blue water gloss natural skin highlighter.

Gnome: metallic gold and pink highlighter.

Sylphs: duochrome purple highlighter, beautiful purple shifts that changes under different lightings.

Palette size: 13.6 x 11.7 x 1.2 cm / 5.3 x 4.6 x 0.4 in



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