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Fairy Garden 16-Colored Eyeshadow Palette, 16-color eyeshadow palette in various warm tones. The sweet color scheme from the garden of elves.

Source of inspiration:

Inspired by the Nordic mystical garden of elves. 

Pink and purple packaging with fairy and garden prints.

The underlying patterns of flowers matching the holographic motif of a fairy. Intricate and weighty packaging.

Color scheme:

16 colors containing four eyeshadow formulas.

6 matte eyeshadows, 2 large sequins eyeshadows.

6 diamond glitter eyeshadows, and 2 metallic eyeshadows.

Enjoy endless creativity.

Oden's eye Alva Eyeshadow Palette

The blushers of the Alva series are divided into two formulations. 

The flower formulation has a slight sheen, and each color is named after a flower.

The color of the flower is mashed into a blusher that will transform the appearance of dull cheeks. It gives the face life and color.  

Makes the face look plumper, more vibrant and gives a slight sheen.  

The matte formulation is matte and soft, named after fruits.  

The matte formulation makes the checks look more naturally pretty.  

The blushers are easy to pick up with a brush or an applicator, easy to blend onto the skin.  

The flower formulation contains pearlescent shimmers, offers a unique look.  

The fruit formulation gives a matte finish, offers an everyday look. 

This collection contains the second and third products launched in the spring of 2019. These two products are also products of the Solmane makeup series.

Solmåne means the sun and the moon in Swedish, Sol means the sun and the sun goddess, Måne means the moon, also represents the moon god.

The main colors of the outer packaging are dreamy purple and orange. And the main design elements are the images of the moon god and the sun goddess. While our customers enjoy excellent qualities of the products, we also want them to get the visual enjoyment out of the packaging and the symbols representing deeper mythological meanings.

The first two products launched by the first wave are Solmåne Highlighter Palette and Solmåne Eyeshadow Palette. We will expand this line further and strive to form a complete makeup series.

The first product launched in 2017 is Freja diva palette 12-color eyeshadow palette. This palette contains 5 matt colors, 3 shimmers, and 4 glitter colors. The overall color scheme consists of mainly orange, pink and reddish-brown.

FREJA is the goddess of beauty and love in Nordic mythology. Therefore, the overall feel of this palette is a romantic color combination and packaging. Regarding the choices of eyeshadow ingredients or outer packaging, we have chosen the best environmentally friendly materials to give customers the most cost-effective product experience.