1. Are you cruelty free?

    Yes, we are! No animal has been harmed or touched during the production and testing of our products.

  2. What are the best shipping methods you offer?

    We will optimize the logistics distributor according to the location of the product, the location of the customer and the size of the product to ensure the best online shopping experience. Currently, the express delivery is not supported. The specific logistics information will be sent to the mailbox reserved in the customer order information after the order is successfully placed. The customer can track the package through the logistics information.

  3. Shipping internationally?

    Yes, we do!

  4. Who is responsible for customs and duties?

    We are not responsible for customs clearance, delays or compliance. Please check with your local customs office to ensure that your order complies with local customs regulations.

  5. My order got returned, what do I do now?

    Sadly, when an international or European mail gets returned, shipping fee will be incurred, for the shipping and return mail back to the sender. You unfortunately need to repay for the shipment of the package if you want to have it resend to you.

  6. Do you accept wholesale orders? And where do I order?

    Please send email for further inquiries to us at odenseye@odenseye.se

  7. How can I track my order?

    Directly after that you have placed an order and we have shipped out the package, we will send you detailed information via email with a tracking number, so that you easily can track your order.

  8. My order arrived damaged, what should I do?

    We guarantee the integrity of the outer packaging of the product at the time of shipment. In order to ensure the interests of customers, customers are requested to inspect the package upon receiving the order. Please unpack the boxes and confirm that the products are in good condition before signing.

  9. Can I return my package, if I changed my mind?

    We are sorry that we DO NOT accept returns. All sales are final.

  10. Where can I buy your products?

    For now, our official homepage is the main place to purchase our products.

  11. How do I contact you?

    Please contact us at odenseye@odenseye.se