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Multichrome Eyeshadows Bundle(M001-M012)

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Contains a full set of 12 multichrome eyeshadows from the Jewel Shine single eyeshadows collection and a free 12-colors eyeshadow storage palette (The gift will be automatically added to your package, no action required on your part )🎁

Size: 13.1 x 8.3 x 1.6 cm / 5.16 x 3.27 x 0.63 in

🛒The eyeshadows can be purchased individually🌈

M001 Lola: White base, light green, light pink and blue multichrome effect
M002 Ingrid: Green, light gold and pink multichrome effect
M003 Maja: Orange pink, light gold and pink with fine shimmer, multichrome effect
M004 Angela: Light blue, gold green, light violet multichrome effect
M005 Isabella: Gold, copper and red brown fine shimmers, multichrome effect
M006 Judy: Light purple, pink and baby blue multichrome effect
M007 Noe: Pink base, pink, gold and purple multichrome effect
M008 Thor: Purple green gold three-color multichrome effect
M009 Eden: Pink base, rose pink, gold and light pink multichrome effect
M010 Dimitri: Dark base, bright blue, purple with blue fine shimmers, multichrome effect
M011 Marius: Metallic copper, gold and brown-green multichrome effect
M012 Leon: Bright red and black with bright red shimmers, multichrome effect

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