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Shimmer Eyeshadows Bundle(S031-S042)

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Contains a full set of 12 matte eyeshadows from the Jewel Shine single eyeshadows collection and a free Dream Glass 12 Colors Storage Container (The gift will be automatically added to your package, no action required on your part )🎁

The bundle includes the following products:

Dream Glass 12 Colors Storage Containers*1✨️
S031 Freja: Clear base with iridescent blue flash shimmer
S032 Idunn: Light purple base with pink-toned shimmer iridescence
S033 Sif: Super sparkly shimmer eyeshadow in light gold-green with lots of fine glitters
S034 Sol: Intensely metallic orange-gold eyeshadow with a plethora of shimmering gold micro-glitters
S035 Saga: Greyish-pink base with an abundance of sparkling multi-colored glitters
S036 Nanna: Violet base with metallic sheen and bursts of purple flash
S037 Modi: Pink rose gold base with multi-color bursts of flash
S038 Ve: Grey-green base with deep tones and multi-color bursts of flash
S039 Oscar: Pink base with bursts of gold and pink flash
S040 Albin: Light lavender-gray base with multi-colored fine shimmer
S041 Nils: Brown-green base with intensely shimmering beetle green shimmer
S042 Bragi: Black base with rich, unique purple shimmer

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