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Legendary Diversa II Bundle

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In the launch of our brand new Legendary Diversa Series II, we are honored to collaborate once again with The Fancy Face, JUDY, and Annette. This series draws inspiration from diverse cultures, showcasing a unique aesthetic style.

@THE FANCY FACE has drawn inspiration from the captivating scenery of Jamaica, with the new Earth Wood🦋 extending the style of our previous HUMMINGBIRD. On the other hand, welcoming the Year of the Dragon in 2024, we've teamed up with @j.uuuuudy to launch the vibrant Spring Dragon🐉, featuring a refreshing blend of mint green and pink that encapsulates the vitality of spring. Meanwhile, @AnnettesMakeupCorner has taken inspiration from Norse mythology's Jörmungandr🐍, also known as the Midgard Serpent, to create the unique Mighty Monster. This palette, themed around the colossal world-encircling sea serpent, displays a powerful and mysterious color charm.

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