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Single Shimmer Eyeshadows Bundle

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Contains a full set of 30 shimmer eyeshadows from the Jewel Shine single eyeshadows collection. Additionally, you will receive 30 * single eyeshadow storage containers for free, The gift will be automatically added to your package, no action required on your part 🎁

Size: 3.6 x 3.6 x 1 cm / 1.42 x 1.42 x 0.4 in

🛒The eyeshadows can be purchased individually

S001 Emma(out of stock): Light pink-purple undertones with diamond-like shimmers of pink and purple shifts
S002 Olivia: Light orange-pink base with multi-color shimmers dominated by blue-gold and pink
S003 Ava: Very bright pinkish-purple undertones with pink shimmers
S004 Charlotte(out of stock): Pink undertones with bright gold shimmers
S005 Mia(out of stock): Baby pink base with multi-colored shimmers
S006 Ella: White base with very bright gold shimmers
S007 Chloe: Light violet base with multi-color fine shimmers
S008 Emily: Purple base with multi-color fine shimmers dominated by purple and pink
S009 Stella: Blue-purple base with multi-color fine shimmer
S010 Lvy: Orange base with rose pink fine shimmer
S011 Nora: Light champagne with super shimmers
S012 Lucy: Orange-red base with orange-gold shimmers
S013 Samantha(out of stock): Light gold base with multi-color shimmers
S014 Victoria: Gold base with gold shimmers
S015 Laura(out of stock): Gold-brown base with multi-color fine shimmers
S016 Jacob(out of stock): Light mint blue base with multi-color fine shimmers
S017 Nikolas: Light blue base with light blue fine shimmers
S018 Daniel: Sky blue base with multi-color fine shimmers
S019 David: Sapphire blue base with sapphire blue shimmers
S020 Anthony: Blue-black base with multi-color fine shimmers
S021 Justin: Grass green base with golden shift
S022 Kevin: Light green base with multi-color fine shimmers
S023 Christopher(out of stock): Green metallic with gold shimmers
S024 John: Bright green base with multi-color shimmers
S025 Noah: Dark green metallic base with multi-color fine shimmers
S026 Samuel: Bright silver
S027 Robert: Gray-purple base with silver shimmers
S028 Gabriel: Gray-green base with golden shimmers
S029 James: Tan base color with multi-color fine shimmers
S030 Luke: Reddish-brown base with multi-color fine shimmers

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