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This collection contains the second and third products launched in the spring of 2019. These two products are also products of the Solmåne makeup series.


Solmåne means the sun and the moon in Swedish, Sol means the sun and the sun goddess, Måne means the moon, also represents the moon god.

The main colors of the outer packaging mainly composed of dreamy purple orange. And the main design elements are the images of the moon god and the sun goddess. While our customers enjoy excellent qualities of the products, they can also get the visual enjoyment out of the packaging and the symbols representing deeper mythological meanings.

The first two products launched by the first wave are SOLMÅNE HILIGHLIGHT PALETTE and SOLMÅNE EYESHADOW PALETTE. We will expand this line further and strive to form a complete makeup series.

SOLMÅNE EYESHADOW PALETTE is our second twelve-colored eyeshadow palette. The palette contains 6 matt colors, 3 shimmer colors, and 3 glitter colors.

The purple, orange, and brown color-schemed eyeshadows can be combined into a variety of eye makeup combinations to ensure everyday practicality while still containing the possibility of creating playful  eye-looks. 

Same with the high-definition highlighter palette of the same line, we chose to use mineral mica instead of talc as the main ingredient for the palette, so that the powder can be perfectly blended with the skin without increasing the burden on the skin. Excellent and safe ingredients is one of the major guarantee we provide for our customers.