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The fruit formula is a matte blush with a matte finish. It is everyday wearable colors. The fruit formula is matte and soft. The blushes are named after natural fruits. The matte blushes make the complexion looking more soft and naturally flushed.

Alva Fruit Blusher

  • A brand new product line, all products are inspired by Nordic mythologies. 
    This is the first complete line of color products that we are making. The design inspiration and theme are derived from the elements of the elves in Nordic mythology. The names of the products are inspired by elves, fruits and flowers from the garden of the elves. 
    The SKUs that has been produced currently includes blusher, eyeshadow palette and two different formulas of lip stains. 
    The blushers are divided into two formulations: Älva Fruit Blusher and Älva Flower Blusher.
    The lip stains are also divided into two formulations: Älva Matte Lip Stain and Älva Cream Lip Stain.
    For the Eyeshadow Palette, this is our first 16-colored eyeshadow palette. The color scheme is mainly warm pinks, and the bright yellow color is used to brighten the entire color scheme. 
    We have chosen everyday practical, yet uniquely pretty colors, that both suite our costumers and theme of this entire line, the story of the nordic mythical garden of the elves.