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Jord's Divine Collection Bundle

$276.16 $324.90

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Jord's Divine Collection is a tribute to Jord, the goddess of earth in Norse mythology, celebrated for her breathtaking natural beauty and irresistible power. Drawing inspiration from this formidable figure, we have unveiled two new eyeshadow palettes and two accompanying jewelry collections to encapsulate the strength of the earth and the allure of gemstones.

This set includes 2 eyeshadow palettes and a complete set of 9 jewelry pieces. The full value of the range is $324,9, saving you $48,74.

Jewels & Gem Palette $35,9
Stone & Rock Palette $35,9

Jewel Story: Ear Cuff And Studs With Chain $28,9
Jewel Story: Pink Heart Embellished Pearl Bracelet $28,9
Jewel Story: Pink Heart Stud Earrings $25,9
Jewel Story: Pink Heart Embellished Pearl Necklace $32,9

Rock Legend: Heart black nacre Necklace $25,9
Rock Legend: Heart Nacre Stud Earrings $28,9
Rock Legend: Heart Shaped Pearl Stud Earrings $20,9
Rock Legend: Heart Two-Tone nacre Bracel $39,9
Rock Legend: Vintage Style Heart Pearl Necklace $20,9

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