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Christmas Limited Bundle

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The Christmas Limited Bundle is more than just a palette for makeup. it's a Christmas storybook filled with magic and dreams, inviting you to embark on this wondrous journey.

🎄🎄The Merry Christmas Palette transports you back to traditional holiday celebrations with reds and greens. The shade 'Elf Wish' reveals the clandestine desires of Christmas elves, each hue reminiscent of the cozy lights that adorn our festive nights.

The Christmas Eve Palettefeels like a dream, allowing you to meander through silver-laden snowy evenings. The shade 'Gorgeous' stands out, resembling violets under the starry sky, shimmering with dreamy pink and blue undertones, narrating a mysterious winter tale.

With ⛄⛄The Snow Dream Palette, venture on a pristine snowy journey where snowmen whisper tales of Christmas serenity and peace. Its 16 selected eyeshadows flit around like snowflakes, bestowing endless charm upon your gaze.

And 🦌🦌The Hey Reindeer Palette invites you to explore a winter wonderland alongside playful reindeers, each shade narrating a cheerful winter story, illuminating your festive look with unique brilliance.

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