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Alva II Mini Ocean Palette


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Älva II Mini Ocean Palette is inspired by the ocean element, so we choose blue as the color of the packaging. The light blue background color of the packing is matched with darker blue imprinted lines of the ocean elf figure.

Inspired by the elements of Norse mythology. The Älva II 16-color eyeshadow palette, the 4-color Älva highlighter palette, the sky mini palette, the ocean mini palette and the forest mini palette all tell the mysterious story of the Nordic mythical nature.

This time we launched three mini eyeshadow palettes for the first time. Each palette contains 6 eyeshadow colors. The colors inside each mini pallet match with each palette. We wanted to make the mini eyeshadows palettes practical yet unique. The color scheme of the ocean palette includes two contrasting colors of blue and orange. The ocean mini palette caters to daily orangy look as well as blue unique look. Of course, feel free to use both orange and blue to make up for a contrasting look.


6 colors, including four different textures: 1 matte eyeshadow, 2 diamond glitter eyeshadows, 1 matte with sequins and 2 metallic shadows.

Palette size: 16.0 x 6.0 x 1.4 cm / 6.3 x 2.4 x 0.6 in

Aqua: light blue matte eyeshadow.
Under the sea: dark blue metallic eyeshadow.
Blue star: Aqua blue diamond glitter eyeshadow.
Jellyfish: silver-gray diamond glitter eyeshadow.
Starfish: orange matte eyeshadow with golden sequins.
Golden sand: brown metallic eye shadow with subtle sequins.



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