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Solmåne II Collection Bundle

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Solmåne means the sun and the moon in Swedish, Sol means the sun and the sun goddess, Måne means the moon, also represents the moon god.

We continue with the theme elements of the first-generation Solmane collection, and designed a new Solmane II collection inspired by the sun, the moon, and the stars. This collection consists of dreamy and ethereal color scheme.

Solmane II Eyeshadow Palette - 15 Color $32.90
Somane II Gel Liner - 15 Shades $59.9/$5.9 1pz
Solmane II Sunlight Love Blusher - 6 Shades $20.9
Solmane II Moonlight Feel Highlighter - 6 Shades $22.9
Solmane II Makeup Mirror - Two Colors $9.9

The full range is worth $375.4

Get the full bundles of the entire Solmane collection and you can choose a bundle including two mirrors or choose the one with one mirror.

The bundle with a single color mirror is $310, saving you $55.5

A bundle with two mirrors is $319, saving you $56.4

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