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The theme of the lip stain is the elves and flowers from the Nordic mythical garden.


The name of each color is named after the flower matching the color. We have carefully chosen colors that are suitable for everyday wear.


Medium Opacity, not too heavy on the lips and moisturizing. Will leave a subtle stain after wear. 


We have also added some carefully chosen wonderful ingredients to the product. We added honey extract, camellia essential oil and grape seed oil. Honey extract can improve the shine of the lip stain, making the texture as crystal clear as the honey. Honey is also hygroscopic, which means that it can draw moisture out of the environment and dehydrate bacteria, and its high sugar content and low level PH can also prevent the microbes from growing.


Camellia oil adds moisturizing properties and is non-sticky. Camellia oil is absorbed very quickly by the skin. It permeates deep into lower layers of skin, promoting cell growth, and giving skin support and flexibility.


Grape seed oil is known for its r its anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and antioxidant properties. It also makes the lips more elastic, soft and even in tone.